We recommend no more than an 8” to 10” overhang with 3 cm Granite. Anything past that will need some type of support with legs, corbels or other support structure.
Pits are formed in the surface during the polishing process when some of the weaker components of granite flake off. This happens at the processing plants. The pits themselves do not make the granite less durable or inferior for use in countertops, but the look and feel may bother some clients. We do not recommend filling the pits because no compound can adequately or permanently fill these spaces.  If pits are of a concern to the client, they should consider choosing a stone with no visual imperfections or consider an engineered stone product.
While all stones have been used interchangeably in most applications, the answer will depend mostly on the client’s preference in regards to looks, durability and price. Granite is a great stone for all applications. It’s highly durable and resistant to stains and damage caused by high heat.  Because of its increase in popularity and abundance of supply, entry level granite costs can also be quite reasonable.  It is best to exclude Marble from kitchen applications due to its propensity to stain. Quartz is an excellent choice for those looking for color and pattern consistency,
The reason you will see Granite in most new home construction and remodels is because the elegance of Granite adds value to homes. It is heat, scratch and stain resistant and requires very little maintenance. Daily cleaning is done with mild soap and warm water.
Chips or cracks that occur from accidental impacts can be repaired by a granite fabricator.
Granite has been tested and found to emit very insignificant levels of Radon.  The material was found to be safe for usage in homes without any harmful effects.  A full research report can be read on the Marble Institute of America website http://www.marble-institute.com/consumers/radon/
Yes! Your Granite can come in a Polished finish, the most popular shiny, glossy surface It can be Honed to a matte finish OR your stone can have a Leathered finish which is growing in popularity for applications on bars, meeting tables and Libraries.