A New Era of Sustainability

Sustainability Image

Sustainability has been recognized as an emerging megatrend that will significantly impact a company's competitiveness.Sambor Stone Ltd is engaged in efforts to improve operations and employs a Sustainability Professional, LEED-AP in Commercial Interiors. We're growing and we wish to do so sustainably.

We begin with the low hanging fruit like implementing a recycling program, purchasing green office and cleaning supplies, and will become more robust in waste reduction, energy efficiency, and water conservation.

As we grow and make plans to renovate our building, we consult with SEDAC (Smart Energy Design Assistance Center) based out of the University of Illinois, Urbana.

At Sambor Stone Ltd, we don't make claims to be perfect. We understand that sustainability is a journey more than a destination. We promise to steer clear of Greenwashing and welcome all comments and suggestions that will lead us down a greener path.

For all communications concerning the implementation of our sustainable business practices, contact Tamara Jercha, LEED-AP found on the contact us page.